Board Game Review: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2 Rumble at Castle Tentakill

Okay, I would ask nicely for some of your giant bass strings, but you don’t strike me as the negotiating type, so out of personal respect, I’ll just get right to the ass-kickin!

Eddie Riggs

This Brütal Legends quote works perfectly to describe the feeling you get when you play Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards.
The relatively small gamebox might be easy to carry around, it certainly is heavy. Heavy Metal that is!
The game is filled with Metal Magic and Monsters dressed in a cartoony hilarious over the top 80’s and 90’s cover art feeling.
Just put on the Brütal Legends soundtrack, System of a Down or even Judas Priest, and your game will be so much more awesome.
And a magical octopus like me should definatly check out this magical game.
Time to play some Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill.


First of all let’s go over the rules of the game. Castle Tentakill is the second game in the Epic Spell Wars series. Though it’s a completely new game the games can be perfectly mixed together for more spells more variation and more carnage.

Like in the first game: Battle at Mt. Skullzfure you chose one of the many colorful unique wizards, this game includes Angelica Angelface the Angelic Angel of Misery (my main) Manly Banger the Rocker God and cuddle wizard Sir Kitty Purrington.
These wizards are all equal and just differ in design and voice, one of the funniest and most important rule of the game is that you recite your spells in character so they will fail, so choose a character you can roleplay.

Each wizard starts out on 20 life points, each round you attack your opponents until there is only one wizard standing.
Attacking happens trough the casting of the epic spells that are in the title of the game.
Spells are cast by playing a combination from between 1 to 3 cards, but you can’t just smack down any random cards.
A good spell consists out of a Source, a Quality and a Delivery. Which equals a beginning middle or end part.  You can play up to one of each, you can recognise their type by how they are printed. There’s also an S,Q or D printed  bottom right of the card.

All these spells belong to a certain magic school, recognisable by their glyphs at the bottom left of the card. If you can combine glyphs of schools matching your delivery spell said spell grows in power as you are able to roll more power dices to get a favorable result.

Each card has a completely different effect. Damage to the player to your right, damage to the player to your right, damage to the strongest player, damage to the weakest player, damage to the player with the most treasures, environment to all players, healing to yourself and so on. This game is about decisions, will you try to aggressively attack a single player..risking that he may come after you or do you damage all players equally.
Should you focus on obtaining more treasures, which can give you favorable effects for a full battle or focus on healing so you can hold out longer?Deliveries have a speed which determines in what order spells will be played, but players with fewer cards always go first so be smart and just dps’ing usually backfires hard.
Numerous tactical decisions will end up to decide who will be the last wizard standing.
Sure there is a lot of RNG as well but it never takes the upper hand.
The first wizard to get two last wizard standing tokens can claim Castle Tentakill as his domain and wins the game.

Bloody Creatures

Up until now Castle Tentakill’s rules are equal to those of Mt. Skullzfyre, however this sequel has introduced some new elements that improve on the old concept.

First of all there is the introduction of Blood, you gain Blood by several spell effects but your main way to obtain blood is to kill other wizards. For each kill you gain 3 Blood-counters, for a spell effect you usually gain just one.
Several of your spells can be improved by sacrificing blood-counters. This is a welcome edition which increases game speed and adds a pleasant amount of resource management.
In the old game players were usually throwing down a lot of healing spells in the end phase of the match, oftenly stalling the game for a bit.  Because you want to gather blood and because blood fueled spells can do more damage then you can heal, you want to play more aggressive now.  Which is good, cause my Angelica Angelface the Angelic Angel does not know any mercy!

The second change is the fact that creature cards have been added. These are a special type of Delivery spells. It’s possible to add a creature to your following  after a spell, if you roll whatever effect value says “KEEP”.
Once kept your follower will join in the new spell, or should you choose to sacrifice its life to negate damage for you.
The game designers made a smart move by spreading the keep effect over the various outcomes (low-medium-high dice rolls). A cockatwice you get to keep on a dice result when you roll 4 or lower, pimpin imps remain your servants if you roll between 5 and 10, and you can only train your Dragggen if you roll a 10 or higher (your delivery lets you roll a d6 each glyph matching it adds a d6)
This in some cases makes playing different glyphs more favorable than all of them belonging to the same magic school. In the old game unmatching glyph spells always felt like you failed to gather the right cards but with several card effects using the number of different glyphs as well as the keep mechanic it now becomes a tactically viable option.

The last change I noticed, besides the different spells of course, is the addition of “action” spells. These spells can trigger like trapcards, usually upon your wizards death. Normally when your wizard dies, you get a dead wizard card and your spell and hand gets send to the graveyard. If your spell is uncast it would remain so.
However these new cards can activate upon your death, allowing you to drag down your killer with you to the eternal fiery abyss . It won’t get you any bloodcounters (if you are dead no one can collect the blood) it won’t win you the game but by the gods of metal does it feel good!
Besides..saying you have activated my trap card allways makes my day.

Mahou-Tako Judgment Rocktopus

Mahou Tako
Source Spell
Some Pink Glyph
Card Effect:
Become easily entertained by a game almost completely revolving around it’s rockadelic, unique flavor. The roleplaying rule ensures every game is completely insane every player takes 1d6 sanity damage.

Quality Spell
Arcane Glyph
Card Effect:
All players become satisfied by an immensely entertaining game, without having to read through a thousand page rulebook. The game is fast paced and your biggest delay is waiting till your group has stopped laughing at your newest spell. Only those who take themselves too serious can’t enjoy this game. The player who takes himself most serious takes 20 ego damage.

Delivery Spell
Tako Glyph:
Card effect

€30’s (KEEP)
When obtaining this game you are ensured of even sicker riffs then it’s predecessor, you might head bang the table if you lose to some crazy rng ffec again and you may never get the cards that would form your pick of destiny it all doesn’t matter.
If someone asks you to play this game there is only one correct answer, the same answer to the question if you want to own this game.



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