True love tester: The Ravijour Bra

As an octopus who is mostly interested in other females I don’t always have it easy.
There’s alway men who try to take advantage of an innocent little molusc like me and unhooking a bra with my tentacles can be pretty darn hard, sure groping is easy but the fidgeting is hard. Luckily Japan has the perfect gadget for a Mahou Tako like me!
The Ravijour love-tester bra!

Underwear with an app!

The true love tester is an bluetooth operated piece of undergarments, that uses an app to measure the wearer’s heart rate. Through a thorough analysis the bra is able to automatically unhook if a certain heart rate is met.
The bra is not unhookable by hand. Only by the app and thus its owner or making the girl excited.

Smart ass boy who now think..hey I would watch a horror movie with a chick wearing that bra, you are out of luck.
The measuring chip that is hidden in the bra measures the heart rate from the adrenal medulla, this releases catecholamine which raises your heartrate in a rather specific way.
Only if the heart beats steadily within some rather strict standards the bra will unhook automatically, if not there is always the unlock button on the app!


Much to my surprise this bra was not invented by some woman who wishes for the girls to be in perfect control. No this bra was invented by two men who wanted japanese women to be a little more secure about themselves and their own feelings.
No longer can a sleazeball in a bar casually unhook your bra and men flaunting their money at you prevents you from taking it off in a split second poor decision?
At least that is what the bra advertises, a girl can still unhook her bra with the app, so I don’t see the money thing working personally.

Through extensive data gathered in the app you can acces your “love” journal in which you can find out your true feeling about that one person you liked. Cause not only your enjoyment to the flirtiness is measured. It actually tests your love and relays this to you in a smart journal.

I am not one to quantify love as such, but I have been at this place where heart and brain tell you different stories. Though I would not blindly follow what my bra tells me, if more girls follow their heart because of their bra, we can at least be more truthful to ourselves. Just expect the friendzone population to rise rapidly. Then again the people who don’t deserve to be there could finally get out.

So as silly as this gadget sounds I actually like the idea what it was created for, sure we can make jokes like how we look like Iron Man when we wear a bra with a glowing center or be skeptical about how it works. But a bra is meant to support us, so now it doesn’t only offer us some physical support but some mental help as well.
Reminding us that sometimes we should listen to our hearts and that is rather cute.

Just be weary of when you wear the product. I can already imagine getting proposed to in a public place, like Disneyland or after a cosplayshow on an anime convention.
And as people watch my partner pop the question, something else pops as well.

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