Fullmetal Alchemist: Whats up with Winry?

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and it’s less Cannon older brother still belong to my favorite anime I’ve ever watched. I really liked where the original series take on the gate of alchemy, but the journey and mostly the ending of brotherhood was so much better. Now with a live action movie coming out the gate has been opened once more. We will look at the movie poster what have been released and I will comment on them. We will also  take a look at the trailer, due to limitation of this website I can’t put a video in here so to watch the trailer press this link.

Let’s start with the least controversial once first.

The homunculi all look great. Envy and lust look pretty much spot on.  Lust feels okay but kind of old. Though it really depends on the angle she is filmed at. In on shot on the trailer where she uses her nails to attack she actually looks pretty and like Lust is supposed to feel like to me. The scene that shows the homunculi in the trailer ends with a photo of Meas Hughes in the rain, giving us a pretty good idea on the time and storyline of the movie. This movie will hurt! If the Maes storyline is not enough a quick search on IMDb shows that an actor is credited for playing Shou Tucker, if you don’t know what that means you have been spared a horrible experience we might get to relive in life action!

Then there is this!

Before we talk about the elephant in this room let’s look at that horrible effect Roy has around him. I mean eeeew first of all he creates explosions not a silly string of flames like that and second it just feels off, where is the intensity. When looking at the trailer things don’t get to much better for poor little Roy. I also feel his look is a little bit off. I don’t mean the asian thing I can , sort of,  live with that but he doesnt look as powerful or stern as his anime counterpart. He feels more boyband then military leader.  Riza looks amazing pretty much as I would like her to look, the split second she appears into the trailer also shows her alternative costume is rather fateful to the series. But why does the Kanji everyone is introduced with spell Hawk for her? Sure I get it ..part of her last name but for everyone it’s something to identify them with..sure Metal makes sense for Edward , Armor is a bit cruel but fit Alphone, Flame ..sure that is Roy and friend is a good way to describe Hugh but HAWK?! Common! I am super happy that Black Hayate makes its appearance on the poster but I wonder if it will make its appearance in the movie at all. If not I will cross my eight arms and hmpf real loudly at them for teasing me.
Then there is Hughes, who looks like a faithfull adaption even his pose…..wait a minute!! That’s ….. uhm! I know parallels have been drawn in the original series but I am not sure if a pose like that in this day and age is politically correct. I mean ..just look at it!

And slowly my hope begins to drop

Moving on to this poster, it’s quite a shocker! So clearly the show has been trying to give everyone a faithful adaption if even the clothes they were in their free time is up to par. Enter Winry..yes the auburn coloured haired woman is in fact Winry.
There is just so much wrong with this picture. The best I have to say is , her outfit is kinda cute. The wrench she holds is terrible! First of all the one Winry should have is one of those adaptable thingies which can change in size, which makes sense since she tinkers on automail, this one is not only non adaptable but of an incredibly unpractical size, yes Winry in the anime had a large tool as well but a functional one the functionality describes miss Rockbell way more than it’s size.
Second of all and way more of a flaw , it’s rusted! Winry loves her signature tool and would never let it rust like that. In the trailer she also seems way to prominent, the scene where she yells at Edward has two major flaws for me, first of all Maes stands there laughing like an idiot and second..Winri is clearly smaller than Edward! Big no!
Of course I am gonna nag about the cat, look at it! Yes I know the cat had a small role in the series, but surely we are not gonna waste time on that are we?
I mean I don’t expect we are gonna see Black Hayate get housebroken, I don’t mind a cameo but to portray something so insignificant as that cat..and in such a stupid way. It looks horrible on that poster, just a waste of time.

The last poster revealed was not as bad but a bit boring

Once again we notice that Edward isn’t particularly small for his age and that he is bigger than Winry, which when you are trying to go for such a faithful rendition is just a bit of a shame. Also his hair feels a bit off,  but as far as Edward goes that is about all I can say. Al is once again scarred by a horrible fake looking animal. Though he himselfs looks absolutely spot on. Unfortunately the trailer reveals Al looking a bit fakey in the actual footage, though this is not true all the time.
Edward footage looks pretty great actually and even the acting, except for when he ducks from Roy’s explosion,  looks pretty nice.
All in all, I must say that I fear for a rather bad movie, we all looked forward to the attack on titan film as well and that did not turn out great either.
The homunculus poster looks great and so does their footage, but we seems to be dealing with the first few episodes combined into a movie, which lead me to believe the story will be a bit murky and random as well.  But hey at least it can’t be any worse than this.

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