Top 5: Weird Japanese Gameshow Moments

At the dawn of a new week we move on to a new top 5, this time we will look at five of the weirdest things (non-sexual) that happened in a Japanese game show.
These can be a complete game-show, a game element in another show or even a sketch from a gameshow. Due to the experimental nature of many of these shows, they end up being one shots or even scripted.
Requirements: It’s gotta be whacky not make a lot of sense and should not have blatantly sexual content, a hint here and there are allowed but Orgasm Karaoke you belong in a different top 5.

Number 5: AKBingo

This game is a punishment game, not unlike silent library. Silent Library is a show where people are given cruel challenges and they are to complete them in silence or suffer a punishment even though the game is punishment enough. Being exposed to a slapping machine, eating live bugs or making paper cuts on your tongue are amongst the challenges within this genre of games. AKBingo take the top spot because it takes place amongst the members of AK48, an famous Japanese idol group. Within the game the girls of the group , and on occasion related idol groups, the ladies participate in a game of dodgeball. If you get hit by a ball you are out and play a punishment game. These vary from mildly painful, like taking a pepper that’s ten times hotter than a red chili in your mouth to downright disgusting.
The most famous is that two members have to place their mouth over a large see through tube with a dead cockroach in the middle, by blowing into the tube they have to try and blow the cockroach into the other girls mouth.
A rather peculiar show but fun to give it a watch. The set has a lot of pink and cutesie stuff as well as cruelty to other girls so this is my cup of tea.

Number 4: Tore! The mummification segment.

The Japanese have plenty of quiz shows on tv, but not a lot of them are like our who wants to be a millionaire like shows. Usually they revolve around some weird forms of pressure. Tough Tore has more games to it there is one certain egyptian themed game that wraps up the competion. Tore asks for a list of seven and you have one minute to complete said list, for example name 7 hits of person X that got a platinum album.
As soon as the clock starts running you start being mummified, as a huge machine starts bandaging you there is little time for wrong answers. If you do not give all seven answers you will be fully mummified and sealed in a sarcophagus.
From all the games I have seen not a single person ended up giving all the answers in time, but I can understand with that pressure around, being mummified and sealed in a coffin seems like a pretty traumatic experience. Though being the first mummified octopus might be worth it.

Number 3: Candy or not Candy

Back to the shows with celebrities cause we all love those. Here in the Netherlands celebrities do all kinds of weird stuff as well to cling on to their fleeting fame. Like living on an island, hitchhiking from Russia to China or squabble and find a traitor amongst their midst. Plus all the stuff like dancing, singing, stand-up and ice skating. You know the standard stuff.
Japan however aired a one time only game show where we see celebrities chewing on tables, shoes, cloth hangers calendars and much more. But are they really biting into a shoe or are they in fact biting into delicious candy?
The Japanese sweet Sokkuri can be shaped, molded and coloured into anything you want to create lifelike objects. The only way to find out if something is real is to take a bite out of it. So if you wanna find out if a calendar tastes nicer than a doorknob I suggest you look it up some time. Oh of course if you choose poorly you get hit by a fireextinguisher!

Number 2:
Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q! :Predator Shield

There is a game show about Pizza tossing that almost made it to this list, where you throw a pizza in the oven from a balcony across the street, and a gameshow with soap covered stairs which has to be climbed by half naked man while others throw stuff at them. Even though they are weird and certainly deserve a spot on the list, it’s stuff like these that makes them only a footnote in japanese gameshow weirdness.
Predator Shield is a game segment where a girl is locked in a glass cube …after which she and a doll shaped like her is attacked …by a grizzly bear. Imagine that scene from jurassic world but with a cube and a bear instead of a orb and dinosaur.
This girl is called Ayako Imoto and apparently she does this stuff a lot, running with tigers and man being slapped in their genital is a normal day on tv for her.
Still I doubt we would see anything like this anytime soon around our parts.

Honorable Mentions:

The Japanese Scooter game

This game segment is a short one but incredibly weird still. A team of four is dressed up like colourful bug and on a kids scooter they have to glide through a small space.
If you crash you get attacked by woman who are also dressed as bugs who may or may not spit food at you.
If you wanna be baffled, just look up Japanese Scooter game on youtube.

Ayaka Imoto vs a Komodo Dragon

A komodo dragon has saliva that is probably the most bacteria ridden place in the entire world, that girl that was trapped in the cube when tangling with a bear was challenged by her gameshow to tie a slap of meat to herself while wearing a kimono to race a komodo dragon. Still wondering it should be at least somewhere on this list.

Number 1: How to Escape a Fart

There are several game show elements that revolve around farting, including a arm wrestling competition while gas has been placed inside you.. and you have to try not to fart. Rather odd, however I find how to Escape your Fart slightly weirder.
Mainly because this game is not about escaping a fart at all.
Through some kind of weird camera the contestant is recorded and via a animation of your movements and some yellow animated stink clouds they check how much of your stink you spread around. The goal of the game is to let it go, let it goooo all over the place. Unfortunately I did not recover a lot of footage except for a reused clip.
This of course is a gameshow that could very well be staged, not a lot can be find out about it.. yet its weird enough to qualify in my book. Yet something smells about this.

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