Mahou Mall: Nendoroid Lillie


In my column Mahou Mall I will discuss anything that makes me go, shut up and take my money! Usually this will be figurines and cute toys that I would not count as gadgets, but one can also imagine that I go nuts for some new flavor kitkat around here or get my tentacles in a knot for a special edition of a game I want.
Today I wrap my greedy little tentacles around Nendoroid Lillie from my favorite game series, Pokémon!

Get in my shopping bag Lillie!

This cute little Nendoroid is set to release in November this year, however Pokemon Center Japan and manufacturer Good Smile company are both launching pre-orders for this beautiful young lady in which you can get some nifty extras.
Standard Lillie comes with three facial expressions, first and foremost there is “get in the bag face” which I absolutely adore and then there is her standard expression or as I call it, “I would make you my Waifu if you weren’t underaged smile”.

 Finally there is the awkward smile faceplate she uses in the game a lot. I call that one..”okay fuck it if you are underaged, that is so Kawaii I just wanna elope with you even if people don’t understand female octopus to feminine looking piece of Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene and Polyvinyl Chloride relationships awkward smile.”
My names might not be as catchy but you get the point! It’s just so cute!

On a small sidenote, this is the Pokemon Sun and Moon game Lillie, not the awkward one from the weird cartoon with NotAshe.

Game Lillie comes with her signature bag, and cosmog’s home for about 3 seconds each time. The bag looks proportionally shaped and is decorated with the right details, the only detail that they get wrong sort of wrong is that the bag is closed and yet has no bulge.

Lillie’s hat is is done perfectly from both front and back and is detachable giving the options to change lillie’s look quite drastically.

Standard Lillie also comes equipped with a few pair of arms, one to hold her bag and the other to hold…….wait for it………

Get in the bag Nebby!

Lillie comes with her good friend Nebby, which MC takes from her and if you are not naming your legendary Nebby you are playing the game wrong!

Nebby just has one look so I kinda miss puffed cheeks Nebby a bit but this little guy is still beautifully done, sizewise it’s perfect and together with Lillie it can make up for a few very cute poses. Ugh…november is such a long time away!


Nendoroid Lillie will set you back about 4444 yen before tax, so estimated she will set you back for about €50,- euro’s in November.  If you pre order her at Pokemon Center she gets a cute pokedoll accessory as a nice extra. If you pre order at good smile she gets an extra arm which can hold a potion. Both again are very cute, and the pokedoll has great details front to back.

So what do you think of Nendoroid Lillie, what is your favorite Nendoroid let me know in the comments. Bye for now I will be bag!

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