Tako’s Thingamajigs: Cho Niginigi Home Kaiten Sushi


So, I must contain myself from squeeling since after I have discovered this gadget I have been squeeling like a little girl.
Since I played the Lickitung minigame from Pokemon Stadium it has been my lifelong dream to eat sushi from a conveyer belt. A dream that seemed a ticket to Japan away from reality and with my health issues reducing my paychecks that dream seemed so far away.
But now I found out about a toy that fills all my sushi needs for a semi-decent price.
Thank you japanese toy makers, thank you!


Takara Tomy has come up with one of the greatest whimsical yet practical toys there is. Cho Niginigi Home Kaiten Sushi can put the sushi conveyer in your home and it even looks cute.
This little toy works like a miniature train but because of the sliced up nautical dwellers that usually reside on the vinegar rice they chose for a cute little ship instead. Though it is a bit clunky and plasticy looking the cute commercial highlighting it makes it seem rather fun.
You can click this sentence to watch said commercial.
Anyway this slightly immature sushi-shop comes with a number of accessories to start you on an amazing sushi adventure. Besides who cares it looks like a bath-toy , it’s a sushi conveyer!

 Big Bento Box

This nifty little thingy comes with a lot of extra’s, though there are different variations i’d recommend the four plate version if you can find it. This one comes with four sushi plate, traincarts, which is already cute as a button, but also some very nifty sushi crafting tools. Hopefully that fish shaped container also comes with it, yet this i can not confirm.   
The set comes with two super useful scoops that will let you make the perfect rice block thingy for a nigiri or wrap it with some nori for a nice gunkan. Would that be the only thing this invention would have already been briljant but we get more. We get this special device to make the perfect maki as well! Much like a playdough factory you put in some rice and add your fish, if you want to make a hosomaki or fish and cucumber for a more traditional maki. You just squeeze it out onto a Nori leave and after rolling it up and cutting it it’s time to plate up. With enough tracks to adapt the tracks to most sizes of dinner tables or even add some special shapes for fun, as well as some stopping tracks this toy comes with a nice amount of accessories for your sushi eating pleasure. With prices varying from €160 up to €320 euro’s this still doesn’t come cheap but still a lot cheaper than a ticket to Japan. And you don’t have the creepy Japanese guys ogling you like they want to place you on their sushi, or is that a problem only I get?

Fun with your Shrimps

It’s not that hard to imagine the utilities of this amazing little product. It can make a lonely dinner more fun and brighten the atmosphere as you play with your food. It doesn’t make a whole lot of noise, in fact the video’s i’ve watched of it show the sound to be quite modest, even cute Japanese girly voices remained perfectly audible above the white noise of this little choo-choo-ship.
Mostly it will be fun for the younger families. It’s great to let your own little shrimps make their own Ebi Nigiri.  With the playdough like mechanics and the cute design getting your kids to eat some fish literally child’s play. Your babies can stock up on Omega-3 fatty acids as easy as it is for them to make the little perfect bunduru of rice. All you need to do is chill your fish and slice it. We don’t get a children safe fish cutting toy nor a cute little rice cooker, so you will still need to do something yourself.
It’s  a fun way to teach your children about sushi, possibly even about different sorts of fish and broaden their palate.  The train needs a C battery which of course is not included. The product is Japanese only so you will have to find a import site, which will add about €30,-  to it’s actual cost. Setting you back at least €200,- excluding the price off all the fish and nori it will be a pricey meal. Luckily for me that prevents me from buying it on impulse, and neither should you. With only four plates to eat from this isn’t for a fast meal either, nor for large groups. But for those who want to have many whimsical meals with their friends and those who are desperately trying to get their children to eat fish this is a great toy.
I want it , though I would probably mod the ship to be more pink and add an octopus or two.


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