Mahou Mall: Rem Rem and more Rem


Being a Magical Octopus is kinda hard at times, when it comes to love it’s hard to find someone who wants to be the significant other of a pink, twin tailed mollusc with magical powers. The fact that I am only into girls and am a bit gropey doesn’t help.
Luckily there is always 2D. I have several waifu’s as I am a polygamist as girl for each tentacle, cause I dont have the problem boys have!
But there is one girl I love beyond others! My 2D main love!
Rem. And my best girl will have some awesome figurine launches (on my go-to-webstore at least). Here’s a few I just wanna have.

Rem PVC FIGURE  Swimsuit Version 1/12

Keeping the best for last is something I am not inclined to do! Unfortunately my supplier disagrees. Not appearing until february 2018 this Rem is shamefully underdressed for the winter season she will be sold in. Luckily we can liberate her from the cold warehouses and display her in our warm homes.
With a sales price of just €41,84 this is the cheapest figurine on my wishlist. Of course the details on the figure fall a little short to the higher end figure in this topic but hey, this is a very affordable model and a cute one as well.
Though the finger are a bit stubby and the face lacks just a little depth, the colours are truly amazing. I love how the glossy bathingsuit is just a smidge off colour with her hair making it a bit more daring and popping then most figures.  The gloss and slight sparkle just add that little bit to the beach feeling this figure needs. The details in the back are finely done as well giving Rem  cute little pantsu under her swimming skirt which feels right. The transparent  base feels fine as well but I personally would have liked a sandprint on that just to enforce the beach feeling a bit.
A very cute figure I definitely want to add to my collection.

Nendoroid Rem Wave 3

Touch technically this is just a rerelease of Nendoroid Rem I am still very excited to see it going on sale in oktober. Rem is one of the cutest girls you have ever met and in Nendoroid size and style her cute-factor just goes op.
With a sales price of €64,55 Rem comes out a tad steeper than most of her Nendoroid sisters and brethren. Given the popularity of the character that hardly seems like a surprise though.  Rem comes equipped with three faceplate, the cold maid demeanour she showed Subaru in the beginning, a smiling expression, and my favorite one, Rem’s Oni crazy look! I love my crazies. With four hand poses and two items Rem is not overly equipped. She just uses  a simple serving tray which to be fair isn’t anything special and doesn’t feel totally right somehow. Her second item is her ball and chain and this knocks it out of the park. It looks amazing. It feels both ornate and metal like by using a real chain and a nice glossy top layer and metallic tones.  Though the picture I will post below is photoshopped, the chain will always slack so be aware of that if you place it in an open closet. Oni-face Rem comes with a own hairstyle featuring the cutest little horn I have ever seen and a cute pluck of hair.
With all the sticking out parts Rem is a little fragile and when you do have butter tentacles like me that is kinda scary. A lovely little Nendoroid nonetheless that I would love to have.

Rem PVC Figure “Pillow” 1/7

At  €176,39 this figure takes a rather big price leap compared to the other two figures. This is clearly shown in the vast level of detail on this figure, from the deeper face to the way Rem’s dress creases around her waist. This somewhat ecchi figure does it right. On figurines details like decorations or accessories tend to be on the chubby side, yet this Rem shows us how it’s done. Everything feels perfectly scaled. perfectly curved and reacting the way it should. Creating almost an illusion of movement, like a moment of motion captured in beautifully coloured pvc. Enticing and endearing at the same time.
This figure will appear at Archonia late november, just a tad after my birthday I will need to make a lot of will saves if I am to prevent myself from spending all my birthday money on this.  This thing is truly stunning. One can argue if one would place a suggestive figure in their showcase, but I know little shame so yes I would. I would showcase Rem and show her off to all my friends, both geeky and non geeks. Because Subaru might be a “curse word that looks like a tentacle” who clearly chose the wrong girl. My dear Rem you are my Pikachu!
No matter the season, no matter what happens, I choose you Rem!
I choose you!


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