Good people of the geeky world, welcome to the Imperial City Arena.
Wait..that was not what I was supposed to say, welcome to my blog! The pinkest gropiest geek blog written by a dutchie in her non native language!
So you will have to excuuuuuse me princess, I will at times make amateur mistakes in typing and grammar. I ain’t a perfect little octopus, just a magical one!

Anyway, this magical ocean dweller is 30 years old living the good life in the Netherlands.
At the young age of sixteen I was bitten by a radioactive pink fluffy unicorn, while it was dancing on a rainbow, it changed my life dramatically.

I became obsessed with cute stuff and turned into a huge geek and otaku. Little did I know that would not be the last transformation I would  experience.
When I was visiting an Anime Convention my friend ripped her cosplay right before a big show, as we tried to mend it time was our enemy, when suddenly I felt this desire to say the magical words Pipirupirupirupipirupi.
As I uttered the words  I changed into this beautiful Mahou Tako, with eight tentacles. With six new arms at my disposal I helped my friend get her cosplay ready for the show in time.
It was truly magical. After the show I groped her good, cause that is what we octopi do best.

I continued my geek life, looking for figures and love, with a creative spirit. When one day I encountered a cursed Ocelot, like a Mahou Tako.. but darker and cooler, kinda like an Umbreon to my Sylveon. The ocelot told me to use my creative power to create a new world, a place for geeks from all across the world to read about the best anime, where they can find out what board game to buy and check out what games I rant about next. He also asked for a place where he can read about the random geek stuff in the world, like watchmojo top 10’s ..but pinker.

So with my super tentacool powers I created the Magikewl world you see before you now!
A realm that welcomes every geek! Yet to protect the octopus from its natural enemy : The Troll, there are 8 simple rules the geeks here must follow.

1. I have no spine! Please refrain from making any aggressively foul comments. This blog consists out of my opinions and they are often exaggerated for entertainments sake.
People commenting in a style like “Bitch ..you spelled that wrong crawl in a hole and die” or
“You should be shot because you do not think Overwatch is awesome” will be banished from the realms.

2. Rule one also applies to reacting on the comments of others, everyone is entitled their opinion, no one is right and no one is wrong, any attack on any adoring fans will punished.

3. This little Tako is not into guys, so no soliciting asking for private info or creepy stuff.
Stalkers will be tracked and be exposed to FLÜGGÅӘNKб€ČHIŒßØLĮÊN

4.Any questions in the contact form or in the comments I will to address as soon as possible, however I only have 8 tentacles so please be patient.

5.At times I can have a slightly dirty mind, me making sexual references certainly belongs to the realm of possibilities. Readers discretion is advised as strong language may also be a thing here. Therefore this blog is better not read by the youngest crowds.

6. As I am the ruler of this realm any future events where I may give away free stuff or prizes will be non negotiable. I will be as fair as possible but to be honest, my alignment is Chaotic Neutral so it is little use to try and convince me.

7. Advertising for other blogs is forbidden unless done by me. Do you have a site you think others should check out, contact me via the form and I may or may not give you a shout-out, again this will not be negotiable, the task of guarding this realm was given to me. Do not risk the Ocelot his fury!

8. Trolling of any kind other than those mentioned in above rules, will be dealt with at my judgment, you can muck about , post a funny image in the comments or make jokes you like. If I deem it to be hurtful annoying or in any form in poor taste, I will kindly ask you adjust your behaviour, those who will not respond will be banished from the realm.

Any other questions about me or my blog may be left in the comments or by filling in a form and I shall try to answer in all my eight armed wisdom.

Now that you have gone through reading all of this..
Go ahead and rest…you EARNED it.